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"In August Sun, a man returns to his home country to sort out his family's affairs – his father just passed, leaving his unstable mother without a caretaker – only to realize that there is no good or easy resolution. On the surface, we see Javier exhibiting a heightened sense of injustice at his situation – at having to deal with his mother's illness, to handle the unyielding bureaucracy of the health insurance company. Yet as he accelerates in a borrowed car, angry tears streaking his face, we recognize this reaction as a coping mechanism; he's seeking to process feelings of guilt and loss, and to grapple with the unattainability of a mutually-beneficial solution. Small contrasts serve as stunning foil to his conflict – a colorful ice cream sundae, bringing no joy to him or his mother; the heartbeat of new life, as he grapples with the dissolution of another; a print of soldiers in the trenches, mirroring his own hopeless situation. The ending, with its single gesture more powerful than words, left me in tears." -- "The lead actor's pain, guilt, and frustration are marvelously and powerfully conveyed. The dynamic between the two lead actors is entirely convincing and serves as a poignant and challenging portrayal of the love between mother and son."



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