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Franco Volpi

Franco Volpi

Driven by his passion for film, Franco moved to Spain in 2012, where he studied for two years at Escuela de cine Ciudad de la Luz, under acclaimed director Pablo Berger, gaining a BA in Film Directing.


He then moved to the UK to complete an MA in Filmmaking at the prestigious London Film School, chaired by legendary director Mike Leigh. He graduated with distinction in May 2018.

Franco has lived, studied and worked in Argentina, the US, Austria, Spain and the UK. He's fluent in Spanish, English and German.

"Franco worked tirelessly to make a film to professional standards. He certainly achieved this, but has also made a film of considerable power, resonance and poignancy, with universal appeal."

Richard Kwietniowski - Film Director

"Both intelligent and nuanced, yet touching and humorous, Franco Volpi's work is representative of what the best of Argentine cinema has to offer to a worldwide audience."

Daniel Burman - Film Director & Producer

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